Available Features Within Windows 10 Editions

Microsoft has made available a table outlining the differences between the traditional versions of Windows 10 – Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education which should help many business user decide which version is right for them.

While Enterprise and Education editions will include every feature included in Home and Pro editions, there are a multitude of additional feature added for these versions.

The following charts are separated by edition, with each section broken down into four categories: Fundamentals, Management and deployment, Security, and Windows-as-a-Service.





A full PDF download is available below and further information is available here:

A note of caution for our business clients.

For our SIAX business clients we’d prefer that you contact your account manager on 1300 799 928 before attempting any upgrades to Windows 10. This is to ensure that we can cover off any potential barriers to the upgrade process, and that your business software works as expected following the upgrade.