Windows 10, 1 Month, 75 Million Installations

Amazingly, in the 1st month of release Windows 10 has been installed on 75 Million system’s around the world. To put this into perspective, Mac OS X has an install base of around 100 Million systems in total. Read more


Real-time co-authoring coming to Office 2016

Real-time co-authoring in Microsoft Office documents has been a feature long requested. Microsoft have been working to bring this to the new Office 2016 and this feature is now available in the Word 2016 preview (provided the document sits on OneDrive). It is also coming to Excel and Powerpoint.
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Windows  Day

Windows 10 Customer Day

I’m proud to announce that our Windows 10 Customer Day will be Friday 21st August. We’ll have plenty of systems setup and running both Windows 10 and the upcoming version of Microsoft Office 2016. Read more


The Windows 10 Experience

To celebrate the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft have released a video outlining what they call the Windows 10 experience. Like everything new, the software needs a little more explaining and is intended to walk new users through some of the nice new features present in its flagship software product. Read more


Welcome to Windows 10

Today is the launch of Microsoft’s newest operating system – Windows 10! Read more


10 Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 10

Windows 10 will begin its rollout for PC users July 29. It’s perhaps not a coincidence that the company is also beginning its first major promotional push for its next operating system with new videos showing 10 reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10. Read more


Microsoft: Preparing To Upgrade 1 Billion Devices

It’s a staggering number but Microsoft have never done things by halves.Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group explains how Microsoft will achieve this massive task. Read more


Available Features Within Windows 10 Editions

Microsoft has made available a table outlining the differences between the traditional versions of Windows 10 – Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education which should help many business user decide which version is right for them. Read more