surface laptop

The Surface ‘Laptop’ Has Been Announced

The Surface Laptop has been announced and it’s looks beautiful. Light, thin, colourful (certain models only) with a quoted 14.5 hour battery life, this could be a real winner.


The Creators Update For Windows 10 Is Coming

Today, Microsoft announced details on the next big update to Windows 10, called the Creators Update and some fantastic new hardware in the Surface Studio, a new All-In-One desktop for creative professionals. Read more

anniversary edition

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The second big update for Windows 10 is here and it’s all about the pen, ink and interacting with your screen. Read more


New Subscription Options for Windows 10 and Surface for Businesses

At this weeks Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft announced new subscription options for both Windows 10 and the Surface products. This is a very interesting development and offers a new way to access devices and Windows 10 itself. Read more


The first big update to Windows 10 is here!

You may not realize, but this was probably the release Microsoft envisaged Windows 10 to be at launch. The release of Windows 10 was brought forward to late July – meaning is was still a bit rough around the edges when it launched. Thanks to Windows Central lets see what’s new and what’s change since July 29. Read more

surface book

A New Era of Windows 10 Devices from Microsoft

Today Microsoft announced some stunning new hardware – from the new Surface Pro 4, three new Lumia phones, an amazing 11 sensor fitness band and the Surface Book – the ultimate Microsoft designed laptop. These announcements highlight how Microsoft are a new company, with a distinct focus on creating new device categories and leading PC makers into a bright new future. Read more


Windows 10, 1 Month, 75 Million Installations

Amazingly, in the 1st month of release Windows 10 has been installed on 75 Million system’s around the world. To put this into perspective, Mac OS X has an install base of around 100 Million systems in total. Read more

Windows  Day

Windows 10 Customer Day

I’m proud to announce that our Windows 10 Customer Day will be Friday 21st August. We’ll have plenty of systems setup and running both Windows 10 and the upcoming version of Microsoft Office 2016. Read more