Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud provides your business with the opportunity to connect to enterprise grade resources without enterprise investment. So, what does your Cloud look like, and when should you begin the journey?

At SIAX, we aim to determine what level of cloud outsourcing will yield the best results for you, realising productivity benefits across your entire organisation; improving features, availability, productivity and performance in a cost effective subscription expense. We do this by providing:

• Cloud Readiness Assessments
• Office365
• Infrastructure as a Service
• Software as a Service
• Private Cloud Solutions

SIAX understands the challenges faced by business in the current economy.

Globalization has changed how we do business, and we believe by using Cloud Services you can take advantage of that.

Cloud provides an opportunity to:

• Reduce Hardware Costs
• Increase Availability
• Increase Productivity
• Simplify and consolidate Infrastructure
• Allow for more flexibility and scalability
• Save energy and space

Businesses can benefit from cloud outsourcing and our goal is to determine what level of outsourcing should be considered. The correct type of cloud outsourcing should realise the highest cost, feature, availability, productivity and performance improvement.

Our assessment provides you with a path for considering Cloud technologies.

Our investigation of your environment will rate your business systems into one of the following candidate categories:

• Current
• Potential
• Limited

Assess Your Readiness For The Cloud