Meraki: The future of networking is here!

At SIAX Computing Solutions, we’ve never been content with the same range of products just because they work. Today I’m proud to announce a new partner – Cisco Meraki.

Over the last 6 months we have been working closely with a number of clients, implementing a new range of network equipment provided by Cisco Meraki. Meraki provide fantastic equipment – from firewalls and wireless access points to network switches.

So far, we has been extremely impressed with the product range including the excellent results it has given our clients.

How does this product benefit me?

Besides being cost-efficient and quick to deploy, Meraki devices are flexible and scalable to fit your business needs as they evolve over time.

With the prominence of cloud technology, the reliance on our internet links is increasing exponentially. Where our ADSL2+ connection was more than adequate in the past, now it is struggling with the increased demands and reliance of email, cloud technologies and electronic data in general. Clients are inevitably faced with a decision to consider more expensive business grade alternatives to achieve faster connections.

Enter the Meraki…

Meraki’s Traffic Acceleration allows for WAN optimization and web caching, which accelerates and de-duplicates your network traffic. By utilizing Quality of Service (QoS), it is application aware and therefore priorities productivity applications, therefore maximizing the speeds and throughput of your link by utilizing Layer 7 traffic shaping; allowing you to throttle, block, or prioritize traffic.

meraki dashboard

Other benefits of the Meraki product suite include:

Multi-Site visibility and control – Utilizing map-based dashboards, configuration sync, remote diagnostics and automatic monitoring and alerting.
Zero Touch Provisioning – Devices automatically provision from the cloud therefore allowing for self-configuring site-to-site VPN.
Cloud Base RF Optimization – Dynamically avoids interference by optimizing channel selection and power levels.
Density Optimized WLAN – Radio Frequency (RF) platform is tuned for airtime fairness and performance in dense performance-critical environments.
Device-Aware Security – Device-aware firewalls and access points allow for anti-virus scans, LAN isolation, along with content and security filtering.
Integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) – This allows for forced encryption, pass-codes and device restrictions. If you have an employee that leaves the company and you are concerned about your intellectual property going with them, the Meraki also can remotely lock or wipe the device(s) in question.
Simplified on-boarding – Flexible authentication with AD integration, meaning you don’t need to remember multiple passwords to use the system.
Optimization of Business Operations – Analyze capture rates, elapsed time on websites, new and repeat visitors and actual site utilization.

SIAX’s promise to you…

The above features are not marketing lingo; its fact!

To show you how impressed we are with how it has not only benefited our business but various clients of ours, SIAX (in conjunction with Meraki) are offering a 30 day no obligation trial of the product! Contact us and we will do the rest!

To organize a trial, please follow this link: complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

Stay tuned, in the coming weeks, our Solution Architect and Meraki Technical Specialist Brendan Baseggio and I will present a webinar to highlight and demonstrate the benefits of the Meraki dashboard.

Come on…what have you got to lose!!!!

Adam Smith
General Manager – Business Development