Microsoft Partner Conference – Day 1

The day started with two great keynotes. The first from Phil Sorgen – Corporate Vice President – Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft and Tiffani Bova from Gartner.



Phil discussed the importance of Microsoft’s partners in the guiding their owns clients to the Microsoft story. Phil also outlined and acknowledged the importance of the Australian market to Microsoft, with Australian partners taking out a significant number awards at the recent Worldwide Partner Conference.



Tiffani provided an overview of the changing market trends heading towards 2020, with a convergence of business and consumer and the need for change in thought around how adoption with take place over the next 5 years.



The final keynote of the day was with Naomi Simson from Red Balloon and the TV Show – The Sharktank.

Naomi discussed the importance of the client experience, and how every interaction with clients was important – because it was important to the client.

All in all, a great day at #MSAPC2015