Microsoft Partner Conference – Day 2

Day 2 started well with another two fantastic keynotes around the technology platforms Microsoft are providing and developing, and the innovation of that technology is now bringing to every part of our lives and well as the potential it will further bring in future.

steven 1
steven 2

The session included some fantastic demonstrations around Office 365, Skype and Skype for Business, Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (device management), and Surface Hub (Microsoft’s new interactive presentation screen).

The second section of the keynote presented a glimpse of the future of mobile computing. Mobile computing, not in the sense of mobile devices as such, but in the way technology becomes just part of what we do and across any device we interact with.

rachel 1 rachel 2

In fact its projected that the ubiquitous use of technology and connected devices (the ‘Internet of Things’) will explode in the next few years. The ‘Internet of Things’ are devices that will provide data on everything we do to guide our lives – in our health, in our well being, in our friendships and families.

Exciting times ahead.