Service Solutions

At SIAX Computing Solutions we believe that the diverse nature of I.T. today requires a portfolio of services to match. No longer are we just the ‘I.T. guy’.

With the I.T. opportunities now available to Small to Midsize Businesses as good or better than what Enterprise businesses could only afford just a few years ago, the world is at your feet.

If your current I.T. provider is just your ‘I.T. guy’ then maybe it’s time to try something better.

It’s all part of our service to you.


SIAX believes that a good starting point of any managed services conversation is to agree just what managed services are. There are various definitions in the public domain, which touch on many aspects of “managed services”. Just as important as the definition of Managed Services, is defining the importance and benefits of Managed Services to your organisation.

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Quality professional I.T services help you gain insight, resolve an issue, reach a goal, or make informed decisions. SIAX professional services does all four—our team of trained professionals assist you in using industry leading technology, encompassing various types of hardware, applications, software and services which are tailored to solve, envision, and understand new possibilities for your business.

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Cloud computing offers exciting and simplified ways to view and manage your IT infrastructure. But moving to the cloud and getting the most value from being there can be complex. SIAX Cloud Services is a full life-cycle approach that spans initial strategy, through readiness and implementation, to support.

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Information provides you with the insight to analyse your past, optimize your present, and make strategic decisions for the future. The key question is: In a world of information on demand, how do you accelerate time between insight and action?

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Procurement of IT products is one of the top ranking IT spends you are faced with.  With a plethora of options out there, how do you know what you are buying is the right fit for your organisation? How many times have you sat and thought; What specification do I need? Will the product do what I need it to do? Any ongoing costs? How many do I need? What’s the most effective way to pay for it? Is it best of breed? What are the alternatives?

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