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Managed Services

SIAX believes that a good starting point of any managed services conversation is to agree just what managed services are. There are various definitions in the public domain, which touch on many aspects of “managed services”. Just as important as the definition of Managed Services, is defining the importance and benefits of Managed Services to your organisation.

At SIAX Computing Solutions our definition of Managed Services is:

“Paid to Operate” – Service or collection of services designed to assist a business manage their technology environment on an ongoing basis. It is the practice of transferring day-to-day I.T related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations.

So, why are Managed Services important and beneficial to your business?

Simply, it allows our clients to focus on running their business without having to concern themselves with the headaches of technology. In effect, SIAX assumes the accountability and responsibility of your I.T, whilst delivering outcomes at a defined price.

Great managed services help you solve or avoid a problem, reach an aspiration or goal, or gain insight. The SIAX Managed Services offering does all three—our suite of offerings allows you to focus on growing and understanding new possibilities for your business, rather than assuming the ongoing responsibilities for managing your I.T.

At SIAX Computing Solutions we believe you should have a choice…. a choice in how your support is delivered!

Our Essentials packages provides you with monitoring, maintenance and alerting and you can simply call us when you need us, or include a set amount of hours per month.

With our Fusion package you will receive the Essentials inclusions plus unlimited onsite and remote support for everything covered within your agreement – at a fixed monthly price.

With optional services available for both packages, how you tailor your I.T. support is completely up to you…

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