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Professional Services

Quality professional I.T services help you gain insight, resolve an issue, reach a goal, or make informed decisions.  SIAX Professional Services does all four—our team of trained professionals assist you in using industry leading technology, encompassing various types of hardware, applications, software and services which are tailored to solve, envision, and understand new possibilities for your business.

Our integrated solutions use best of breed technologies that are adaptable to all market segments.

We can help fulfill client and employee expectations with familiar and intuitive techniques that extend from the datacentre to the desktop to a variety of other devices and into the cloud. We serve you wherever you are in your IT lifecycle with planning, deployment, and support services.

In our business, successful solutions combine superior technology with the people who apply it. We work side-by-side with our clients, refocusing them on managing their business objectives rather than managing the technology that their businesses are dependent on. We manage solution delivery and provide professional services, including evaluating, designing, and implementing IT infrastructure and business technologies.

Businesses are strategically unique and operationally diverse. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be less rigid and more dynamic in order to achieve their goals. The same principles apply to the I.T infrastructure that underpins business operations along with the associated time and workload to manage it. Understanding these challenges, SIAX offers flexible, tailored engagement options to alleviate the burden of increased overheads related to recruitment of internal staff / employees.

Think of SIAX as your own virtual workforce, which you can call upon whenever and wherever you need it!

Whether you need a specific skill set for a project, advice on your I.T requirements, or just need somebody to help with resolving niggling I.T issues, SIAX has you covered. Our flexible engagement models include Ad-Hoc, Scheduled or Fixed Price and are all designed to fit in with how you would like to engage.

Explore these solutions, and let us know how we can help you realise the greatest value from your investments in ICT technology!

Need a resource with a specific skillset, for a specific requirement? You can depend on SIAX to place the right calibre of people within your organisation to assist you with your I.T requirements.