At SIAX Computing Solutions we strive to provide a great quality service to our clients. If you’re not satisfied with your current provider maybe it’s time to give SIAX Computing Solutions an opportunity to change that…

“Boyle Industries Pty Ltd had suffered through several years of poor I.T. service with a number of providers and were constantly frustrated with computer issues that were disrupting our business. In March 2009 it was suggested to us we meet with SIAX Computing Solutions.

We’ve been completely satisfied with the professionalism and prompt, efficient service we’ve had with SIAX since.

Whilst we’ve still had computer issues, SIAX have sorted it quickly with minimal disruption to our business, allowing us to concentrate on what we do running our own successful business. We thoroughly recommend SIAX Computing Solutions.”

Rowen BavintonBoyle Industries

“We have been using SIAX for our computing needs for several years now. Their expertise in managing our computer needs from a user created problem to suggesting upgrades to our Network means our computers are one area of the business that I do not need to worry about.

SIAX have worked with us to provide computing solutions for the issues we face today and also to ensure we are prepared for where our business will be in 12-18 months time.

The team at SIAX take ownership of our networking and computer needs allowing our staff to focus on what they do best.”

Matt CrookRawdon Hill Constructions

“Geschke Plumbing has been involved with SIAX for the last four years, they have managed our server, email’s, desktop computers and offsite laptops/desktop computers.

We moved to our new Head Office in late 2012,  throughout the construction we were in discussion with SIAX for setup details and internet connections which made for a quick shutdown of the old system and a quick installation of our complete IT network at the new premises.

They introduced an online ticket lodging system in the last few years, this provides a very prompt response to any issues you may have from major e-mail issues to adding a printer to a desktop computer.

Their onsite service technicians are on time and easy to discuss any issues that we might have.

Our involvement with SIAX has been very good and we hold them in high regard.”

David GeschkeGeschke Plumbing

“SIAX have been providing our organisation with technical support and IT services for the past 3 years.

This year we selected the SImon Premium support package providing us with high quality service, inclusive fixed monthly rates and access to support at any time.

We have found SIAX staff to be very helpful, courteous and efficient in all our dealings with them, enabling us to concentrate on our core business and feel confident in the fact that SIAX take care of all our IT needs.

I would highly recommend SIAX services to any business/organisation.”

Tracey McKayKinders Together

“We have been dealing with SIAX for the past four and a half years. We have found their service to be prompt and reliable.

Staff are approachable and provide concise, easily-understood explanations to solve our problems.

They take time to clarify details and ensure our needs have been met. Their communication with our staff, who have varying levels of IT competency, is excellent. We have also found their support, both during business hours and after hours, to be excellent.

I am very happy to recommend the team at SIAX.”

Jane MorreyMoe Vet Centre

“AECi is a niche IT business that operates globally. SIAX took over management of our complete internal IT environment 5 years ago, server, laptops, smartphones, security, virus protection, connectivity between devices etc.

I personally work overseas numerous times a year and maintain full connectivity, access and conference call capability at all times and from anywhere.

The IT environment that SIAX has set up and maintains for AECi is the envy of many of my overseas peers.

AECi could not operate as effectively and on a global basis without the expertise offered by the SIAX team.”

Ian WattAECi Trade

“SIAX have been my I.T. Service and Support partner since 2001.

In that time I have worked for the Australian divisions of two different multinational corporations and have gone through several acquisitions and mergers. Each change has brought with it an incumbent IT service company and, of course, a choice of going forward with SIAX or with the incumbent company. SIAX has won every time.

No other company can provide their ideal level of expertise, flexibility, support and personalized service.

I see our relationship continuing long into the future and I am always happy to recommend their services to others.”

Trevor O’ConnerTomy Australia

“SIAX have been our IT providers for nine years. In that time I have found them to be extremely helpful with advice and trouble shooting problems that we have experienced.

Their quick response to issues is much appreciated.”

Ray HateleyTransall Motors

“We always find SIAX responsive and positive to queries and concerns. Thank you.”

Ella DuderRose Lodge - Wonthaggi