Access SIAX support via your Mobile Device!

To ensure you have exceptional access to our services and support, we’ve developed our own mobile apps for the iPhone (version 7+), Android (version 4+), Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.

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Click image for larger Screen shots of the SIAX Computing Solutions app!

Our apps provide access to log your support requests directly from your mobile, call our help desk for assistance and even get directions to the SIAX Computing Solutions office using your mobiles mapping service.

You can also view our contact details, office hours and connect to our social media pages – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter from our contacts page amongst other features.

How Can You Download It?

On your mobile device, simply open your favorite app store and search for ‘siax computing solutions’ to download and install the SIAX app.

NB. For the mail function to work on iOS your email account needs to be setup in Apple’s default mail app. Third party mail apps are not supported. The Windows Phone 8.1 app is different to the other three platforms due to the framework required.

On your PC or tablet click on your devices’ store image to see more details.

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Show your support by leaving a review!

We’d love to see your feedback in the store itself so if you find our app useful please leave a positive comment! If you are having issues with the app though, please email, outline the issue and we’ll have a look at it for you.